Hpacucli ctrl slot 0 create type ld

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Many thanks for you post and useful examples. I’m using P410i on a whitebox server at home and hpacucli is not woriking anymore on the latest version of esx 5.5.

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В нашей первой статье, как и анонсировалось ранее, мы спешим поделиться своим опытом в таком редко обсуждаемом вопросе как быстрое развертывание сотен серверов в рамках высоко нагруженного...

HP Smart Array CLI commands on ESXi - DATAWAN I have over 18 years experience working in IT with medium to large size organizations. I hold several IT Certifications from Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware. Below is a list of the technologies I specialize in. 24x disk RAID10 with "slow" write performance : sysadmin

HP Smart Array P410i / HP ProLiant DL380 G7 - RAID6

HP RAID array - hpacucli - Server Fault ctrl slot=0 ld 1 add drives=1I:1:4. That will add the disk, redistribute data across the array and expand the logical drive. Here's a cheat-sheet. You do have other options, like adding the drive to the array and carving out a new logical drive of the unused space, or with an entirely different RAID level. MMM RHEL Tips...: HPACUCLI Installation Instructions and ... HPACUCLI Installation Instructions and Utility Commands Downloading the software from the site: Step 1:-Download the insulation file form HP website: ... hpacucli> ctrl slot=0 create type=ld drives=1:13,1:14 size=300 raid=1 # logical drive - raid 5 .

重新扫描新硬件 hpssacli rescan 查看所有控制器及硬盘配置 hpssacli ctrl all show config 查看控制器状态 hpssacli ctrl all show status 查看所有物理磁盘状态 hpssacli ctrl slot=0 pd all show status 查看单独驱动器状态 hpssacli ctrl slot=0 pd 2I:1:6 show detail …

HP Array Configuration Utility Command Cheat Sheet Sep 19, 2013 · New to the HP Array Configuration Utility? Me too, so I did some Googling and found an awesome cheat sheet. I don’t want to steal any credit from its original authors, but I do think it should be reposted for archival.