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Hardware Hacking 001- What's a good hardware project book for the Apple IIe? 023- Where can I find Apple II diagrams? 024- What No Slot Clock chip should go in my IIc+ and where? ... II+, IIe, and IIgs. The slots on all slotted Apple IIs are physically identical.

Super Selector for Apple II ProDos – Quick Keys | The VintageGeek Blog Dec 17, 2017 ... 1) You use the Open-Apple-Q to bring up the Menu of Quick-Keys. ... No-Slot Clock in Virtual IIe plus TimeOut Apps Yearly Calendar In "Apple II ... Apple II History I've designed a special interface card that plugs into slot 7 on an Apple II. ...... ( Each assembly language instruction takes a certain number of clock cycles; these ... Apple II VGA Scaler AIIVGAS User's Guide - Apple II Heaven Apple II Motherboard part number versus Revisions . ... Installing AIIVGAS into an Apple II/II+ or Europlus – Slot 7 . ...... dClock: Clock option for Ram Express or Apple IIc Memory Expansion card. Senior PROM IIe: Add debugging commands to ... Apple III and Apple IIe › Mac History

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Apple news, photo galleries, downloads, and discussion… This chip can be used in an Apple IIe and Apple IIc to provide Date and Time.Keywords: SMARTWATCH.SHK, DS1216E, NO, SLOT, CLOCK, TIME, DATE, DALLAS, SMT, PRODOS. DISTRIBUTORS TXT 11 Dec 89 08:48 pm INFORMATION TXT 11 Dec 89 08:48 pm P8.PATCH... Apple II system clocksNo-Slot Clock (Dallas… In an Apple II, the No-Slot Clock resided under any 28-pin ROM chip, including one on a peripheral card.The No-Slot Clock was both ProDOS and Dos 3.3 compatible, however a software driver had to be patched into ProDOS or integrated into the applicable DOS 3.3 program.

The PDS-based Apple IIe Card, featuring a 65C02 CPU, Mega II, IWM and 256 kB of RAM The Apple IIe Card ( Apple Computer part #820-0444-A) ... The No-Slot Clock , ...

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No Slot Clocks for $6 - Thx to Georgel | Applefritter A No-Slot Clock has a clock and calendar function (with battery) in a pass-through DIP package. The software allows you to modify Pro-DOS8 (and actually there's software for IBM DOS too) so that all of your data saving onto a memory medium (floppy disk, harddrive, CF card) are time-date stamped. No-Slot Clock - Google Groups Jan 08, 2000 · This shouldn't affect a No Slot Clock, since the clock has a year register and this is used directly by the No Slot Clock's driver. (The same applies with the IIgs clock.) > I have tested it with a large number of programs and their so-called Y2K > "problems," and … DS1216E no slot clock battery replacement | Applefritter Happy New Year! This Dallas Semiconductor smartwatch, also known as a no slot clock, took five MONTHS to arrive in Australia from China. Apart from that, overall happy with this little chip - except that the battery is exhausted.