Gambling attitudes and financial misreporting

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The Monetary Base and Total Reserves: Fed Confusions… Misreporting Total Reserves.[13] Although the amount of these deposits rose from the neighborhood of $100 million prior to the financial crisis to as high as $11.2 billion afterwards, they have never exceeded 0.4 percent of the total monetary base. FAFSA Strategies: 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of... |… Financing a college education is something that parents of both toddlers and high school seniors have to be concerned about. With the sticker price of the nation's top private universities now topping $200We talked to several financial aid experts about the best ways to get the most out of the FAFSA. New research pinpoints intentional financial … But Brown's research uses a new variable to identify fraud: the number of topics that a firm discusses in its annual financial reports and how this number deviates from the average firm. "You know how sometimes when people are lying they tend to talk a whole lot?" asked Brown. An examination of gambling behaviour in relation to …

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CEOs and financial misreporting — Macquarie University CEOs and financial misreporting. Stephen Chen. Department of Management.CEOs and financial misreporting. Ethical leadership: global challenges and perspectives. editor / Carla Millar ; Eve Poole.

5) “Gambling Attitudes and Financial Misreporting” o Dane Christensen, Dave Kenchington, and Keith Jones o Contemporary Accounting Research, 2018 35(3): 1229-1261 4) “Higher Highs and Lower Lows: The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in CEO Dismissal” o Tim Hubbard, Dane Christensen, and Scott Graffin

Geography and the Market for CEOs | Management Science Gambling Attitudes and Financial Misreporting. ... gambling attitudes and corporate innovation. ... Geography and the Market for CEOs. Characteristics of Risk Taking Executives | Management Science

Problems in Quantifying the Social Costs and Benefits of Gambling

“Gambling Attitudes and Financial Misreporting” (with Dane Christensen, University of Oregon; Keith Jones, University of Kansas). - Contemporary Accounting Research Vol. 35 No. 3 (Fall 2018) pp. 1229–1261